Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra Leak Reveals Mystery Third Button

(Image credit: OnLeaks/SmartPrix)

It seems like there is a fresh leak about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra every other day. It's certain to arrive alongside the Galaxy Watch 7 one day, and it won't happen the next. The most recent leak seems to have shown the watch's design, supporting the rumor that Samsung is developing a high-end wristwatch for 2024.

The watch's appearance and feel are showcased in the leak, which originates from the trustworthy OnLeaks and Smartprix. There are also a few thrilling surprises. The side dial stands out the most as it is much bigger and chunkier than we anticipated. Fans of the Galaxy Watch will disagree with this because it's different from what they're used to. When compared to other smartwatches, it has an unusual appearance, but maybe Samsung has a good rationale for having a quirky design that translates into great functionality.

Similar in appearance to Samsung's Gear Sport smartwatch, this is the first time the business has included a dial of this kind on one of its primary watch models.

The device's right side has a secret third button that is the other surprise. It would make sense for Samsung to include a second button with a similarly adjustable degree of functionality to its high-end wristwatch, given that Apple offers the Action Button on the Apple Watch Ultra. But as of yet, we're not precisely sure how Samsung uses its additional button.

Other noteworthy details from the leak indicate that the screen's diameter will be 1.5 inches. The top-of-the-line timepiece is said to measure 47 x 47.4 x 16.4 mm overall. The spherical face of the watch has a revolving bezel that is devoid of any numerals. The user interface (UI) of Samsung's other watch models can stay the same as the firm seems to be sticking with the circular face.

Overall, the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra doesn't seem to be breaking any new ground with its look and feel, with the exception of the modified design and mysterious button. The truly important thing, of course, is what's inside. Since this leak didn't disclose the specifications or features of the impending wristwatch, we'll have to wait until Samsung makes the announcement—likely at its next Galaxy Unpacked event in July—to find out.

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