Samsung Galaxy Watch FE: A Sure Bet - Here's Why

The Fan Edition and the Galaxy Watch 4 could resemble one other.

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The Galaxy Watch Fan Edition (FE) is being developed by Samsung; we're virtually confident about this. The people over at AndroidHeadlines have uncovered model numbers for a future Galaxy wristwatch after conducting some research. As expected, the watch is known as the Galaxy Watch FE, which puts the release date of the less expensive watch as near to zero as possible.

The as-yet-unannounced smartwatch has the model number SM-R866. Thus far, three model numbers (SM-R866F, SM-R866U, and SM-R866N) have been found in what is most likely the Galaxy Watch FE range.

Regretfully, the model number provides very little information regarding the Galaxy Watch FE, even though it indicates that it very probably exists. Though its precise specifications are unknown, we may assume that it will have less features than the current Galaxy Watch 6 variants.

We may assume that the Galaxy Watch FE will have specifications comparable to the wristwatch that was introduced in 2021 based on the resemblance to the model number of the Galaxy Watch 4, which was SM-R860. The Galaxy Watch 4 is a decent place to start if Samsung wants to make a smartwatch that is more reasonably priced. It still has a respectable amount of power, but its specifications aren't as impressive as they might be.

(Image credit: Future)

Korean-language media According to The Elec, Samsung intends to launch the FE variant of its wristwatch in the summer. This would be in line with when the Galaxy Fold FE, as well as the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6, are anticipated to launch.

Naturally, for those seeking the most advanced features and the most potent specifications, Samsung is also anticipated to release the Galaxy Watch 7. The more expensive smartwatch has been the subject of several rumors, so we're optimistic that it will be shown concurrently with the more reasonably priced model.

Given that Apple offers the Apple Watch SE to entice consumers seeking an inexpensive wristwatch, Samsung would be wise to target the same market with its most recent products. With the current pricing of the least expensive Galaxy Watch 6 model being $300, it is conceivable that Samsung may aim to sell the Fan Edition for $200, but only time will tell.

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