First Foldable MacBook May Be Smaller Than Expected

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When, not if, will be Apple's first foldable gadget is the question. Foldable phones are becoming commonplace, as seen by devices like the OnePlus Open and Galaxy Z Fold 5, while pricey but fascinating computers like the HP Spectre Fold are available. So what role does Apple play?

You can be certain that R&D experts are working on foldable prototypes deep within Cupertino, and there are reports that the company's first goods will hit the market within the next few years. It remains to be seen which device—a bending MacBook or a folding "iPhone Flip"—arrives first.

panel specialist Ross Young revealed this week that, contrary to prior rumors that it will come with a 20.25-inch panel, Apple's foldable MacBook would come with an 18.76-inch display on X to his paying members (via MacRumors). Young claims that the machine won't be released until 2026 and that this is due to "cost reasons".

According to earlier rumors, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's foldable MacBook will include a virtual keyboard and fold to the same size as a 13- or 14-inch MacBook. Additional reports state that it will be extremely costly and powered by Apple's undisclosed M5 processor. Kuo speculates that it may come down to about the £3,499 asking price of the Apple Vision Pro.

Kuo appears to believe that the MacBook will go into mass production in 2027, which is interesting. If that were the case, it might not appear until 2028 or perhaps later in that year. Additionally, Kuo states that Apple is attempting to make the foldable screen as "crease-free as possible," and it appears that this model would probably serve as the model for any upcoming foldable iPad or iPhone.

It's also important to note that Apple has a lot of room to grow with the MacBook lineup before cutting it in half. We still don't have an OLED MacBook or a device with a touchscreen of any kind. As always, I advise you to treat these rumors with a grain of salt. Tequila and lemon are optional.

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