Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Leak: Positive News on Weight and Size!

Additionally, the Ultra model appears to be verified.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is almost here, and if rumors are to be believed, it could arrive a bit sooner than expected. Thus it should come as no surprise that more thorough specifications are beginning to surface online, with IceUniverse disclosing some important information on X.

In addition to disclosing potential measurements like thickness and weight, IceUniverse has verified reports that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra will also be released. Unfortunately, there aren't any more concrete details about what this phone would look like, unlike its non-Ultra sibling. At least not from IceUniverse.

What kind of design can we anticipate from the Galaxy Z Fold 6 then? The phone should measure 5.6 mm when unfolded and 12.1 mm when folded, according to IceUniverse. This year's model is thinner than last, as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 measured 6.1 mm when folded and 13.4 mm when unfurled. It also resembles the OnePlus Open (5.8mm and 11.7mm) and Pixel Fold (5.8mm and 12.1mm) rather closely.

It weighs 239 grams (8.43 ounces), which is less than the Z Fold 5 (253 grams/8.92 ounces) and the Pixel Fold (283 grams/9/.98 ounces). It weighs precisely the same as the OnePlus Open, though.

It looks like we'll be getting an internal screen that is 7.6 inches in size and has a 7:6 aspect ratio. It will not be exactly as symmetrical as the 1.0758:1 OnePlus Open, but it will be closer to a square than the 21.6:18 Z Fold 5. Comparing it to the 7.6-inch, 6:5 screen found within the Pixel Fold will also be fascinating.

It appears that the cover display is a 6.3-inch screen with a 22:9 aspect ratio. We can presumably anticipate the Z Fold 6 to be somewhat larger and slightly shorter than the Z Fold 5, as the latter has a 6.2-inch screen with a 23.1:9 aspect ratio. It appears that the resolution of both screens will increase, however it's unclear by how much.

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 is rumored to ship in July, maybe in time for the August Olympics in Paris. You can stay informed about the most recent rumors and news about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 by visiting our hub.

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