Google Gemini App Upgrades: Enhanced Background Assistance

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As you use other applications or even have the screen closed, Gemini Live may operate in the background to make sure the real-time conversational AI is "always available."

Gemini Live, Google's response to OpenAI's GPT-4o advanced voice or Apple's upgraded Siri, is scheduled to launch this summer and will let users engage in natural language dialogues with the AI in both directions. There aren't many details on how it will operate.

9to5 recently dismantled an APK. According to code strings discovered by Google, Gemini allows users to carry on a conversation while utilizing other apps.

"Background_mode" will "let you continue (Gemini) Live chats while using other app or while your screen is locked," according to these code strings.

What this implies for users of Android

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Theoretically, this will make Gemini more easier to operate, which might give it an advantage against Apple Intelligence.

With this feature, users won't need to go between applications to quickly ask a question or reply to Google Gemini—a notice will appear at the top of the screen that they can press.

The dissection also says that ending the discussion is easy. To exit the chat or view the persistent notification in the upper corner of the screen, simply say "stop."

It's unclear if users will be able to communicate with Gemini via speech while use these other applications. With the present Basic Voice feature in ChatGPT, this capability is currently accessible. Later this year, Advanced Voice will also support it.

What more might Gemini be in store?

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Additionally, Google is trying to expand the capabilities of Gemini while your smartphone is locked. As of right now, Google Gemini can be used to set timers and alarms even while the phone's screen is locked, but most other commands need the phone to be unlocked. But it looks like Google is adding a feature called "extensions on lock screen" that will integrate with Workspace, Message, and Home Automation.

When Google Gemini functions this way, it will be much easier to contribute useful information to discussions. However, given the current spate of problems, it is unclear if this would be sufficient to attract users. Google is still dealing with the fallout from its AI Overview, which displayed fake news stories. Even though Google has acknowledged that the bulk of unusual answers represent a very tiny portion of reports, Gemini still has the problem of frequently reporting outdated or outdated data.

It's no secret that Apple Intelligence combined with ChatGPT is a major problem for the firm, and Google Gemini is not the finest on-board AI. Even if these adjustments might not be enough to help Gemini catch up to its rivals, they are a positive start.

It should be noted that code discovered in APK Teardowns does not always indicate that a feature will be released anytime soon. In case this news has piqued your curiosity about experimenting with Google's artificial intelligence, here are seven Google Gemini prompts that will provide you with the greatest understanding of the software's functionality.

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