Motorola Razr Plus 2024: Latest Updates and Features

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With the Razr Plus last year, Motorola completely changed the foldables game. In our four-star Motorola Razr Plus review, we call the 2023 model "easily the best-designed clamshell foldable to date," indicating that the 2020s redesign of the iconic flip phone had gained its footing after two failed starts. It surpasses the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 to be among the greatest folding phones.

With a redesigned Razr, Motorola intends to maintain momentum ahead of the introduction of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 later this summer. And now that a possible release date is drawing near, it's important to think about what Motorola has planned for the Razr Plus 2024. Here is what we currently know.

Motorola Razr Plus 2024: Price and Release Date

Using a picture of a foldable phone, Motorola is teasing an announcement on June 25. This strongly suggests that at least one Motorola Razr variant will be there. (In addition to the Plus model, Motorola also makes a regular Razr that is less expensive and has less features.)

A still from Motorola's Razr event teaser video (Image credit: Motorola)

Hemmerstoffer not only forecasted the date but also the price of the upcoming Motorola Razr Plus, stating that a variant with 256GB of internal storage and 12GB of RAM will start at $999. Despite having 4GB more RAM than the current model, it costs the same.

Motorola Razr Plus 2024: Design Overview

We called Motorola's 2023 Razr's design "gorgeous," so it should come as no surprise that there won't be much changes this time around, according on these images from 91mobiles. 
(Image credit: 91Mobiles)
The device's 6.9-inch primary display and 3.6-inch external panel seem to be the same size as the model from the previous year. According to reports, the exterior screen will maintain its resolution of 1,066 x 1,056 while the inside display is expected to have the same 2,640 x 1,080 resolution.

You are unable to observe one change, though. OnLeaks claims that the phone will become more water resistant, going from IP52 to IPX8. It's essentially a double-edged sword since it offers unrated dust protection (5 to X) but significantly greater water protection (2 to 8).

You will be able to view the handset's color, for example. According to OnLeaks, the Motorola Razr Plus 2024 will be available in three striking colors: Hot Pink, Spring Green, and Midnight Blue.

Motorola Razr Plus 2024: Performance Review

It sounds like the Razr Plus 2024 will have a few significant improvements in terms of fundamental specifications. According to OnLeaks, the phone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 with 12GB of RAM, which is a significant upgrade above the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and 8GB of RAM featured in the current edition.

Historically, clamshell flip foldables have had poor battery life; however, the 3,800mAh battery in the Razr Plus today lasted for 10 hours and nine minutes during our test.

It appears that the 4,000mAh capacity of this year's model will get a little 200mAh increase. This, along with the efficiency gains of the new processor, should allow most customers to use their devices for a few more hours each day.

Motorola Razr Plus 2024: Camera Specs

(Image credit: Future)

The camera system is supposedly getting the largest update. The model from the previous year had a really good dual-camera setup, consisting of a 13MP ultra-wide lens that could also capture macro images to accompany the 12MP primary sensor.

It appears that the 2024 model will have two 50MP cameras, but more significantly, a 2x optical zoom sensor will take the place of the ultra-wide lens. That seems like a lot more usage than an ultra-wide lens, and the extra megapixels should provide lots of additional detail.

The Razr Plus 2024 is said to include "integrated AI-powered photo/video capture and AI editing tools," following in the footsteps of Google and Samsung.

It looks like the front-facing camera won't change. However, because it already has a respectable 32MP camera, it shouldn't be too disappointing. In addition, the clamshell design makes it simple to use the better external cameras for selfies.

Motorola Razr Plus 2024: Outlook and Expectations

The Razr Plus 2023 received praise for designing a foldable phone correctly, and the 2024 model seems to be a significant upgrade in every way.

There's a lot to be happy about, including faster performance and—more importantly—a far better camera. If Motorola can maintain its current $999 price point, it could have a winner on its hands. On June 25, we'll learn for sure.

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