iPhone 17 Pro Max Leak Reveals Major Design Overhaul: Key Details

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Even though the iPhone 17 Pro Max won't be released for at least a year and a half, a fresh leak from Jeff Pau (via MacRumors), an analyst with contacts inside Apple's Asian supply chain, has disclosed numerous obvious features for the smartphone, including a significant screen update.

Because the iPhone 17 Pro Max will be using a smaller metalens for the Face ID, the leak suggests that the handset will have a narrower Dyamic island. This would imply that compared to previous models, the dynamic island—a little section at the top of the screen that displays specific information—would be far less obvious. Since the release of the iPhone 14 Pro, this would be the first time that the Dynamic Island has been reduced.

In a research note with the investment firm Haitong, Pau also states that the iPhone 17 and iPhone 17 Pro Max will have 12GB of RAM, which is a significant upgrade above the iPhone 15 Pro models' 8GB of RAM—which is also the amount of RAM that has been speculated to be included in the iPhone 16 models.

(Image credit: Apple)

iPhone 17 Series: Latest Updates and Features Revealed

Although the iPhone 16 series has received the most of attention, there has been some information leaked concerning the upcoming iPhone generation. Resin Coated Copper (RCC) components may be used in the iPhone 17 Pro, according to a new leak from analyst Ming-Chi Quo. RCC components have the advantage of helping to reduce the main board thickness of the phone, which may free up additional space inside the device or enable the iPhone Pro to be notably thinner.

According to a different report, the iPhone 17 series would include LTPO OLED screens across the board, making it a first. The Apple iPhone display option with 120Hz ProMotion performance and 1Hz always-on display is known by its technical designation, LTPO OLED. Although it is already present on the current generation of iPhone Pro models, this will be the first time it is available throughout the whole lineup.

We should take everything we learn about the iPhone 17 with a grain of salt because it's still early in the rumor mill, but more rumors might surface in the upcoming months. Keep a watch on our iPhone 16 hub for all the latest rumors and news as they surface on the soon-to-be-announced iPhone 16 series, though, as there is a lot of information available.

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