Amazfit Helio Ring: Launching May 15 at $299 to Rival Samsung Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Amazfit)

The industry is now controlled by smartwatches and other wrist-based activity trackers, but as gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy Ring and Oura Ring become more well-known, that may change. Amazfit has disclosed in a press release that the official launch date for its Amazfit Helio Ring is May 15. This indicates that the firm is attempting to capture a portion of the smart ring market.

At $299, the new exercise ring from Amazfit is reasonably priced. Although Samsung hasn't revealed the Galaxy Ring's ultimate cost, given that the Oura Ring likewise has a $299 starting price, we would anticipate it to be in the same ballpark. Samsung may price itself out of the market if it entered the market too aggressively, especially given that their ring was released last.

The ring is composed of titanium alloy, which should be strong enough to endure everyday use, and is lightweight—it weighs less than 4g. It sounds excellent so far, but we'll have to test it out for ourselves to see how comfy, light, and durable it is.

Discover the Features of Amazfit Helio Ring

The primary uses of Amazfit's ring are for monitoring sleep and recuperation. It's helpful to know how well you're genuinely sleeping because it provides you with a sleep score. Along with blood oxygen, sleep heart rate variability, and sleep resting heart rate, it also gives you your whole recovery time.

The 10ATM water resistance is another pleasant plus, so you don't have to worry about it becoming broken when exercising or playing sports.

All things considered, the Amazfit Ring appears to have an excellent feature set, and because it launched before the Samsung Galaxy Ring, it may be well-positioned to become popular. That is, of course, supposing that ring-based trackers become as popular as wrist-worn ones. The Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other similar gadgets appear to be more popular than the Oura Ring, despite the latter's slight increase in popularity.

Although it may be bought independently, Amazfit will also sell the ring in combination with the Amazfit Cheetah Pro or Amazfit T-Rex Ultra. The business claims that because the two devices communicate information effortlessly, it functions best with one of its smartwatches.

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