iPhone SE 4 Rumors & Wishlist: What to Expect

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If reports regarding Apple's phone intentions are to be trusted, an iPhone SE 4 may be in development. What then should we anticipate from this upgraded iPhone? And when may it show up?

The company's most affordable phone now has 5G capability thanks to the iPhone SE 2022, which was announced by Apple in March 2022. However, the outdated design of the iPhone SE 2020 was kept. With the next model, that should change, albeit there are reports that Apple may give its upcoming SE model the appearance of a more recent "old" iPhone.

Here's everything we currently know about the iPhone SE 4, along with our expectations for when it becomes available and attempts to compete with the finest iPhones ever.

Latest iPhone SE 4 Rumors: March 4 Update

  • A dummy device displays the Face ID notch.
  • In 2025, the iPhone SE 4 with an improved display and camera could be released.
  • We can see some of the major overhaul of the iPhone SE 4 from new renderings.
  • The iPhone 14's battery may be utilized by the iPhone SE 4.

iPhone SE 4: Rumored Release Date

It currently looks like the iPhone SE 4 will be released in 2025.

After saying that development on the phone was halted at the end of 2022, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple “restarted the iPhone SE 4.” Kuo then stated that we'll see this phone appear in 2025 or later. However, a longer wait may be compensated with more significant improvements if this reset results in an iPhone SE 4 with an OLED display and an inside 5G modem chip.

iPhone SE 4: Rumored Price Speculation

Pricing for the iPhone SE 4 has not yet Apple announced, and we don't anticipate hearing about it until much closer to the anticipated 2024 debut. Given that competitors like the Google Pixel 6a and Galaxy A53 cost $449, we wouldn't expect Apple to give up its pricing edge so quickly. At $429, the current iPhone SE is among the finest affordable phones on the market.

In light of this, you don't need our word for it that costs are going up wherever we look, including for the parts that go into making phones. Apple could be forced to lower the price of the iPhone SE 4 from that of the iPhone SE 2022 because to outside factors. And a price increase could be justified by the bigger 6.1-inch display.

iPhone SE 4: Potential Name Speculation

Since that's the moniker that's making the rounds on the rumor mill, we're labeling this reported device the iPhone SE 4. It's also understandable why some have chosen that specific name for Apple's entry-level smartphone, as this would be the fourth version of the device.

However, Apple doesn't usually refer to its low-cost phones by that term. While flagship phones in previous years have been identified by a number, such as iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and so on, the iPhone SE has only ever had that name and the year that the new model is released. As a result, it's quite likely that a phone that launches the next year will be dubbed the iPhone SE 2024.

A third option would be to go with the moniker iPhone SE Plus that several experts have suggested, particularly if Apple decides to give this iteration a bigger screen as is anticipated. However, we're not persuaded Apple will take this approach given the seeming lack of enthusiasm for the recently announced iPhone 14 Plus.

iPhone SE 4: Design & Display Speculations

iPhone SE 4 renders (Image credit: Jon Prosser/Ian Zelbo)

When it comes to iPhone SE 4 speculations, this is where we're most secure. According to a story from The Elec, Apple has not yet chosen a supplier for the 6.1-inch OLED display that the iPhone SE will have in February 2024. Samsung Securities agrees with this size and technological advancement.

This display would be a great improvement over the existing 4.7-inch panel, whoever ends up delivering it. Ross Young speculated on Twitter that the gadget would switch from LCD to the better OLED technology and replace its existing 4.7-inch screen with a 5.7- or 6.1-inch panel. That would probably mean departing from the design of the current iPhone SE, which takes cues from the 2017 iPhone 8, including the thick bezels and Touch ID button.

According to leaker Jon Prosser, Apple will draw design inspiration from a more current, yet still older, iPhone. He predicts that the iPhone SE 4 will adopt the design of the iPhone XR from 2018, down to the 6.1-inch screen. The iPhone SE 4 would have a notch in the display, but it would not have Touch ID. It is unclear if the notch would be the same size as the iPhone XR or if it would adopt the smaller one that Apple debuted with the iPhone SE.

It's not necessary to envision what a phone like that might look like. Based on the design speculations that Prosser has thus far leaked, artist Ian Zelbo has made renderings of the iPhone SE 4. There are several visual similarities between the gadget and the iPhone XR.

Lately, MacRumors revealed that the iPhone SE 4 will be built on the iPhone 14, which is a far more modern phone than anticipated. With a USB-C connector and an Action button, the basic iPhone 14 chassis would be significantly improved, meaning the SE would outperform the current iPhone 15 in certain areas.

Here are some purported CAD renderings of the phone so you can see how that would seem.

Weibo user-leaked photos allegedly featuring the iPhone SE 4 also feature a dummy device with what looks to be a notch that would house the Face ID components—a sign that Touch ID would be discontinued.

(Image credit: 91mobiles

iPhone SE 4: Expected Specs & Features

(Image credit: Jon Prosser/Ian Zelbo)

There haven't been many speculations regarding the specifications of the iPhone SE, but Apple has a very clear history of revealing what it does and doesn't include on this specific model. For example, the phone often has the same chipset as flagship models that were announced the previous autumn.

Presuming that the iPhone SE 4 would ship in the spring of 2024, Apple may choose to utilize the A16 Bionic chip, which powers the iPhone 14 Pro models as well as the more recent Phone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

The upcoming iPhone SE could also finally include Apple's long-rumored internal 5G processor. Although it would only provide sub6GHz 5G, similar to the present model, it might have additional advantages because Apple will have custom-designed it for its phones instead of utilizing a commercial model.

There has only been one back camera on all iPhone SE generations, and the iPhone SE 4 is not expected to bring that feature to an end. Apple needs to find a way to set its budget iPhone apart from the flagship model, and removing the ultrawide lens from the SE seems like a good place to start.

There have been rumors that the purported iPhone 14-based iPhone SE will have a single 48MP camera, which would be a major improvement over the iPhone SE's 12MP sensor. Hopefully, this also implies that capabilities like Night Sight, 2x digital zoom, and 24MP photographs will be available on an iPhone SE for the first time.

(Image credit: Apple)

For the iPhone SE and iPhone SE 4, Apple may stick with 64GB of storage, however we hope to see an increase to 128GB.

Another feature that we don't think Apple will include in the iPhone SE is wireless charging. Once more, it appears that Apple is using this to differentiate its various phone versions while simultaneously monitoring how to keep the price of the iPhone SE low.

There are hints that the iPhone SE 4 will use the battery from the iPhone 14. This would be a significant improvement over the battery of the previous iPhone SE 3, albeit it would require a longer charge period to make up for the larger capacity.

iPhone SE 4: Wishlist & Expectations

One of our main grievances with the current model would be addressed by a redesign for the iPhone SE 4, and going with a bigger screen might increase the attractiveness of the device given that larger phones have grown in popularity since the 2016 release of the first iPhone SE. However, if Apple is developing a low-cost phone for the upcoming year, there are a few more adjustments that need to be made.

Support for night mode: It should go without saying, and we're shocked we managed to implement it at all, but the present iPhone SE's inability to capture a good nighttime photo is absurd. This feature is available on phones that are priced similarly, and several phone manufacturers, including Apple, have worked hard to improve low-light mobile photography. Regardless of how fantastic Apple's computational photography is, the iPhone SE 4 needs to get in on the action or risk becoming a completely irrelevant camera phone.

Increased storage: It seems sense that Apple wishes to distinguish between its flagship and entry-level iPhone devices. However, 64GB of storage is insufficient for a contemporary smartphone, particularly one that can handle some of the complex apps that have recently been added to Apple's App Store. Look for alternative methods to save expenses, but don't compromise on storage.

iPhone 13's notch (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

A smaller notch: If the design of the iPhone 14 Pro is any indication, Apple does appear to be moving away from the notch. However, if it meant reducing the size of the bezels around the top and bottom of the current phone's display, we'd still be content with an iPhone SE with a notch.

Rapid display refresh rate: Given that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are limited to 60Hz screens, we can declare with certainty that this will not occur. Nevertheless, several phones—most notably the Galaxy A53—in the same price range as the iPhone SE actually have fast-refreshing screens. Apple truly is short-changing its customers by not allowing its own phone to have such a feature.

Improved battery life: Since there will be more space for a larger battery in an iPhone SE 4 with a larger display, we should see longer battery life. Along with having a more sophisticated CPU, the iPhone SE 4 may be able to run on a single charge for longer, which will help it differentiate itself from other phones in the same price range.

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