What is the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

Behold! The Samsung Galaxy Ring. (Image credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is scheduled to launch this year following its debut at MWC 2024. However, if an article in the Korean journal The Elec is to be trusted, reports of a launch as early as June may be inaccurate.

According to the article, the wearable's mass manufacturing isn't scheduled to start until May, which implies that its formal presentation won't happen until July—probably at the same time that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 debut. The ring itself won't be available for purchase until later in August, it is subsequently announced.

There are a couple more intriguing elements in the study to consider. First, it appears that Samsung is only initially creating 400,000 devices, with output being altered in response to market demand—or lack thereof.

The Ring will be available in "8 to 9 sizes" (nine were displayed at MWC), and its primary focus will be on "wellness" rather than providing any medical capabilities initially. The business will "continue to pioneer the smart ring market by adding medical device functionality in the long term," according to a "industry insider" who spoke with the website.

Its amazing nine-day battery life, which puts most smartwatches to shame (though not unexpected considering the lack of a screen to light up and charge), is something we've previously heard about in its current form.

The paper concludes that "design and price will establish themselves in the market," although it makes no mention of pricing. Given that Samsung appears to be focusing more on wellbeing than wellness, it's feasible that the business will be able to charge a high price to get traction in the targeted market.

In contrast, Oura, the primary competitor in this extremely specialized market, charges $299.99 for its third-generation smart ring. Other options, such the Circular Pro 1 and Ultrahuman Ring AIR, cost $410 and $349, respectively.

Additionally, there is a recurring speculation that Apple may be interested in entering this market, but there is currently little proof that the Apple Ring is anything more than a concept under consideration.

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