2024 iPad Pro Rumors: Release, Price, Specs & Upgrades

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For lovers of Apple's high-end tablets, the much-rumored iPad Pro 2024 appears to be the must-have item this year. And if reports about the upcoming iPad Pro models are to be believed, it appears that they will receive important changes.

the news story in the headlines? At last, the most recent iPad Pro may have an OLED screen. And that would be a very nice addition following a year without any upgrades. There may possibly be plans for an enhanced Magic Keyboard for the high-end tablet and compatibility for the much-discussed Apple Pencil 3. Finally, the next iPad Pro 2024 will include an external MagSafe, and Apple could even provide up to 2TB of storage for what is sure to be the company's most remarkable tablet to yet.

The top-tier iPad from the Californian tech giant is currently among the best available, but it may get much better thanks to speculations that suggest it will have an upgraded M3 CPU, a larger, brighter display, and a redesigned keyboard cover. All of that, though, depends on whether the pricing remains competitive, as Apple has just increased the cost of all of its goods. Furthermore, as we'll see, if Apple releases an iPad Pro OLED in the next weeks, prices may increase significantly.

Check out the most recent iPad Pro 2024 rumors below, and return again to this page for further updates as they become available.

2024 iPad Pro: Rumored Release Date & Price

There's a good chance the next iPad Pro will launch in 2024; press releases are expected to reveal it in March. This would be in line with Mark Gurman of Bloomberg's speculation that it would debut in March along with iPadOS 17.4.

Previous rumors indicate that there may be a price increase for the OLED iPad Pro. There have even been rumors that a revised 13-inch iPad Pro model would set you back as much as $1,800. However, a new rumor claims that this price hike won't be as severe as anticipated; according to Digitimes, it will just be about $160.

Should these reports prove to be true, the next iPad Pro will be the first Apple tablet to use an OLED display; in contrast, the most current iPad Pro (2022) will have to make do with a subpar, yet still great, mini-LED screen.

After analyzing the data, sister site Laptop Mag came to the conclusion that OLED-equipped iPad Pros may experience a price increase of between $500 and $700, given Apple's rumored 50% markup from production to sale. That means the 11- and 13-inch iPad Pro devices would cost $1,500 and $1,800, respectively.

This is prior to accounting for the current prices of the Apple Magic Keyboard ($349) and Apple Pencil ($129), respectively. It would be competitively priced with the greatest MacBooks and laptops, but for the time being it's vital to keep in mind that these are only rumors.

2024 iPad Pro: Design & Display Rumors

The iPad Pro 2022 (pictured above) features a mini-LED display. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

An OLED display is perhaps the largest design alteration the iPad Pro will undergo. It appears that this particular rumor—which has been circulating for a while—will eventually come to pass in 2024. The next OLED iPad Pro is expected to go on sale in March 2024; 11 and 12-inch 9-inch models may be available.

According to Gurman, OLED screen technology would significantly outperform the 12.9-inch model's existing mini-LED technology. The screens should be "crisper and brighter" and "reproduce colors more accurately." Gurman further asserts that the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will now have a 13-inch screen, a rumor that has previously been reported by Samsung and other sources. It is rumored that there would be no size increase for the 11-inch tablet. This was also asserted by display analyst Ross Young in January.

Since then, rumors have circulated that the two new Pro versions would weigh less since OLED displays are naturally slim. The bigger device may measure 280.6 mm x 214.9 mm x 6.0 mm, whereas the 11-inch version is said to be 249.7 mm x 177.5 mm x 5.1 mm.

It's possible that the next iPad Pro may have a glass body, which will help with any additional weight decrease. Gurman has previously stated that this modification will be made to the iPad Pro that is now available for purchase, albeit the iPad Pro 2024 may be the first to use it. Switching to a glass back for the forthcoming iPad Pro may enable wireless charging as well as reverse wireless charging.

The iPad 2024 may have fewer bezels than any of the previous iterations, according to a recent leak. The article claims that the next 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pros will have bezels that are 7.08 mm and 7.12 mm in size, respectively. Accordingly, compared to the Pro versions launched between 2018 and 2022, the iPad Pro 2024 bezels would be between 10% and 15% slimmer.

2024 iPad Pro: Rumored Specs

If rumors are true, the iPad Pro 2024 will run on the Apple M3 processor using a 3nm process.  (Image credit: Apple)

According to reports, the iPad Pro 2024 will include the Apple M3 CPU, which means that in terms of raw power and functionality, it would probably destroy all other tablets. The M3 employs TSMC's 3nm technology, which significantly boosts speed and efficiency. With its M2 CPU, the existing iPad Pro is by no means a slouch, but this may be a major improvement.

2024 iPad Pro: Magic Keyboard Speculation

According to reports, the Magic Keyboard peripheral (pictured above) could receive a larger trackpad with its next iteration. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

There will apparently be an upgrade for the Apple Magic Keyboard in addition to the new iPad Pro. Gurman claims that Apple intends to redesign the add-on and incorporate a "larger trackpad" in order to "make the iPad Pro look even more like a laptop than the current setup."

Perhaps the trackpad could be upgraded to an aluminum finish to better match the design of Apple's MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The new iPad Pro 2024 with its high-end keyboard attachment should feel more like a Macbook than ever thanks to the alleged new material, and those who love iPads but have bigger fingers will undoubtedly be happy to hear that the trackpad has been enlarged.

It appears that the next iPad Pro will also work with the much-discussed Apple Pencil 3. It would be interesting to experiment with a new OLED display and an updated version of Crew Cupertino's renowned pen.

iPad Pro 2024: Outlook and Expectations

The iPad Pro 2024 appears to be the most important upgrade for the iPad series in a long time, assuming the reports about it are accurate. It would be fantastic to see the iPad Pro make use of the same stunning OLED displays found on tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.

Along with the potential power of the M3 chip and wireless charging, other improvements that would be appreciated are a more upscale-looking Magic Keyboard and compatibility for a future Apple Pencil 3. There are also rumors that Apple may move the FaceTime camera on the upcoming iPad Pro to the side, much like it did with the iPad 10.

That's all the information we currently know about the iPad Pro 2024; however, be sure to return to this page for updates if fresh rumors and details become available.

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