Quick Guide: Setting Up VPN on iPhone or iPad

It makes sense to include a virtual private network (VPN) into your regular online browsing for a few reasons. To begin with, it's a fantastic method to protect your user information while you're online. VPNs are great for accessing information that is exclusive to a certain location since they allow you to move to a new network and IP address. Have you had your eye on any TV shows that are exclusive to other nations' streaming services? You can watch these series and movies with a VPN! Additionally, the fact that the VPN isn't only for your PC is one of its finest features.

You can even use one on your iPhone, in fact. When iOS 15 was released, Apple also unveiled a feature called Private Relay, which can be used in conjunction with a VPN to significantly improve online security.


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What You Need

  • An iPhone
  • A compatible VPN

We've put up this tutorial to teach you all you need to know if you'd want to learn more about setting up and using a VPN on your iPhone.

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iPhone VPN Setup: Using Third-Party Apps

Getting a reputable VPN software from the software Store is the simplest method to configure a VPN on your iPhone. Some of the most well-known iPhone VPNs include IPVanish VPN, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and VPN by Private Internet Access, among many more, as our article on the best VPNs for iPhone shows.

Step 1

To download one of these, just launch the App Store, select Search from the menu at the bottom of the screen, and enter the app's name into the search field. When the app displays, choose it and hit Get.

Step 2

After the software has finished downloading, open it and select Allow when asked whether you want to allow it to set up a VPN on your iPhone.

Step 3

Follow the on-screen steps to configure the app. In many situations, connecting to a VPN is as easy as tapping the Connect button (or something similar). Additionally, there ought to be a tab on the program's interface that allows you to modify the VPN connection's location. However, in many other situations, you could need to purchase the premium edition of the software in order to utilize all of its features.


Configuring Workplace or Private VPN: Quick Guide

You can still set up and connect to a VPN on your iPhone even if it doesn't have an app (for example, if it's a corporate VPN). You must navigate to Settings > General > VPN > Add VPN Configuration in order to accomplish this.

To connect to the VPN, you must provide a few bits of information once you're on the Add Configuration screen. This entails choosing the VPN protocol you're using (L2TP, IPsec, or IKEv2) and inputting the server, description, and remote ID information. If you're connecting to a VPN at work, you should ask the member of the IT department in charge of the VPN for this information.

To log in, they should also email you a certificate or give you a username and password. After entering all of this data, choose Done. To establish a VPN connection, select the Status slider. To disconnect, simply press this slider once more.

Is Getting a VPN for Your iPhone Necessary?

Indeed, you ought to get a VPN for your iPhone. A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your data, masks the IP address of your iPhone, and anonymizes your browser history by rerouting traffic through the VPN's servers, protecting your identity and online data from hackers, snoopers, and thieves. You may access the internet securely on public Wi-Fi hotspots and at home without worrying about data breaches when you have a VPN installed.

Built-in VPN: Does iPhone Offer It?

No, although it does have a capability that does several VPN tasks called Private Relay.

In order to make sure you're not leaking information or exposing your traffic to security concerns, Private Relay protects users as they browse the web and adds security to app-generated traffic. With the use of two different relays, this function encrypts user surfing on Safari, protecting your identity. While one relay is used for surfing and querying, the other provides you with an anonymous IP address.

Because it transmits user data across two channels, which Apple claims provides better safety, this operates differently from standard VPN operations. No one, not even Apple, can see your IP address or any of your inquiries or interactions when you use Private Relay.

Benefits of Using a VPN for iPhone

There are several advantages and few drawbacks to using an iPhone VPN, particularly if you frequently use public Wi-Fi or are on the road. VPNs shield you from privacy invasion and data monetization by your own carrier in addition to protecting you from cybercriminals. Other benefits include evading censorship, regional limitations, and firewalls at work or on college. Additionally, it makes it easier to connect remotely to your home or office network. Even better, it can improve your gaming experience by keeping your ISP from reducing bandwidth or restricting your connection.

Are VPNs Free of Charge?

There are a number of free VPN platforms available as well as a few providers that are tailored for mobile devices. Having said that, we promise that each VPN service you choose to use has a premium version that offers you access to a number of extra functions that a free version of the program won't provide. Moreover, tearing down these paywalls usually doesn't cost anything.

These additional perks might include things like priority customer service, enhanced region selection choices, and coverage for multiple devices.

Legal Status of VPN Usage

Considering all the things you can do with an iPhone VPN installed, you might be asking if using this software is really permitted. Yes, pals, is the response. With Johnny Law, using a VPN in the US is entirely acceptable, but this could not be the case in other nations.

For instance, using a VPN is completely prohibited in Iran, Russia, and Turkey, among other places. Therefore, be sure you can download one if you're not in the United States before doing so!

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