Easy Photo Sharing Made Possible: Selecting a Favorite Contact on Google Photos

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The sharing menu on Android is quite unreliable at best. With varying degrees of success, the system attempts to guess which person or applications you might be attempting to send anything to. Thankfully, Google Photos is rolling out a new function that allows you to bookmark a certain individual to make it simpler to email them "Full Quality" images.

Therefore, you won't have to go through several contacts and services to discover the people you know, who are typically the first to get the newest images of pets and babies or the greatest jokes Reddit bots may repost on any given day. And it's currently spreading out, as 9to5Google noticed.

The first requirement is an Android handset, as the new favorite contact function is not available in Google Photos on iOS. Additionally, you must ensure that the app is updated to version 6.76; nevertheless, if it has been updated, you might not have noticed the choice yet, similar to me.

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To verify this for yourself, select the Google Photos Library option and then click Utilities located on the upper right corner. Users will be asked to add their favorite person when they use the new favorite function. It may be your partner, your parents, your closest friend, or just someone who is smitten with your new dog.

In the event that you need to rearrange your priorities, you may also switch the favorite. Navigate to Settings and choose Sharing Favorite. Regretfully, you can only use one at a time. So you had best make that decision matter.

estimating from 9 to 5Your preferred screenshot from Google is indicated with a small colored heart and can be found at the top of the sharing interface. Additionally, Google is stressing that this provides the photograph in its original quality, as seen when it was taken. It's not ideal that certain sharing programs compress the file and remove some important characteristics in the process.

Although the new function is now being rolled out, not everyone appears to be able to use it. Make sure the app is up to current and that you frequently check the Utilities menu to see if the new Google Photos favorite has surfaced if you want to get the most out of it.

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