Mastering ChatGPT: Essential Tips and Tricks

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Since its inception in late 2022, ChatGPT has been sweeping the globe, and it is simple to understand why. The cutting-edge AI chatbot is surprisingly capable of performing a wide range of activities, from carrying on a conversation to finishing a term paper. Additionally, ChatGPT can perform a ton of other things that you may not be aware of, including creating music and logos for businesses.

News and updates about ChatGPT November 15, Updated
OpenAI Launches Custom Chatbots
OpenAI has introduced custom chatbots, showcasing their functionality and capabilities.
Wikipedia Founder Warns Against Relying on ChatGPT
The founder of Wikipedia cautions against over-reliance on ChatGPT due to its error-prone nature.
OpenAI Building Next-Generation AI GPT-5
OpenAI's CEO announces the development of GPT-5, claiming it could achieve superintelligent capabilities.


OpenAI describes ChatGPT as "an artificial intelligence trained to assist with a variety of tasks." More precisely, though, the "Chat" in ChatGPT refers to a language model AI that is intended to generate text that is human-like and engage in conversation with people.

This essentially implies that in order to utilize ChatGPT, you input a request or question into a text box and offer it to the model. After processing the request, the AI gives a response based on the data at its disposal.

What Can You Do With ChatGPT?
  • Generate written content from news articles to novels
  • Summarize long documents
  • Answer questions as a research tool
  • Write and debug code
  • Build text-based games
  • Act as a tutor for homework questions or problems
  • Plan your next vacation
  • Create software activation keys

The learning model that the ChatGPT program uses, GPT, is where the name "GPT" originates. GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is what most people use at the moment. It is version 3.5. This is the GPT version that powers ChatGPT's free research preview version.

The GPT-4 is the name of a more recent model. Unfortunately, developers utilizing the GPT-4 API and ChatGPT Plus customers are the only ones with access to this model. Free users are now limited to GPT-3.5, however this may change in the future.

In an upgrade released in August 2023, OpenAI gave ChatGPT further features. Now, when you initiate a discussion, the AI chatbot will provide suggested responses and prompt examples. Additionally, if you have ChatGPT Plus, it now defaults to GPT-4, albeit GPT-3.5 is still supported. Additionally, users can upload numerous files at once for ChatGPT's analysis. Keyboard shortcuts were also allowed with the upgrade, and it stopped automatically logging users out.

However, ChatGPT isn't limited to words on a screen. OpenAI updated ChatGPT in September 2023 to include the capability of conversing with you in response. Additionally, you may converse with it and ask it questions.Currently available only to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers, the capability may ultimately be made available to free users.


Users can still access ChatGPT for free during its study phase. All you need to do to get started is establish an account, which you can accomplish by following our ChatGPT tutorial.

But OpenAI has also introduced ChatGPT Plus, a premium ChatGPT membership service. For $20 a month, you can get priority access to new features as soon as they are released, quicker response times, and access to ChatGPT even during periods of heavy demand. Access to the recently released GPT-4 big language model is also included.

Some customers have reported that ChatGPT is full and they are unable to utilize it in spite of these assurances. Therefore, before you subscribe, be sure to read our comprehensive guide to ChatGPT Plus.

These users are nevertheless benefiting in certain ways from their membership. Users of ChatGPT Plus may now access ChatGPT Plugins and a new version of ChatGPT that has internet browsing capabilities thanks to a beta feature disclosed by OpenAI. We tested a tonne of ChatGPT plugins before identifying a select number that are the best. They even make the $20 monthly charge worthwhile.

Additionally Early access to Custom instructions, which customize ChatGPT to your needs, was also granted to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Using ChatGPT is made more efficient with this feature, which lets you tell it who you are and how you want it to reply. All Americans may now get Custom instructions from OpenAI, and users in other countries should be able to do the same in the near future.

Moreover, developers may include ChatGPT into programs via the ChatGPT API. Still, there are a lot of other things you can do with this API, such as creating a shortcut to install ChatGPT on your iPhone.Usually offered as a pay-as-you-go service, the API's cost is $0.002 for every 1,000 tokens (tokens are phrases that the chatbot uses to interpret prompts).

It's a full-time job, but you can get paid to use ChatGPT, too. Prompt Engineer jobs are becoming more and more common, with some paying over $300,000 year. Thus, if artificial intelligence is your thing, it could be a profession you want to consider. If that's more your pace, you can also get compensated through an official bug bounty program for locating and reporting ChatGPT problems.


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For a moment, ChatGPT was prohibited in Italy. Due to OpenAI's unauthorized collection of personal data, the Italian authorities issued an order banning ChatGPT. Concerns were raised over OpenAI's lack of an age verification system requirement.

However, the prohibition has subsequently been removed. The Wall Street Journal stated that OpenAI's concessions to Italian officials were deemed adequate, allowing the chatbot to be back online in the nation.

China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are the only nations that do not yet have access to ChatGPT since OpenAI has chosen not to provide the service there.

But if Eric Schmidt's most recent remarks are any guide, additional nations may decide to take similar action. In a recent interview, the former CEO of Google issued a warning about an AI "reckoning," saying that it may eventually threaten democracy. Furthermore, "The Godfather of AI," Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, recently resigned from Google, citing their inability to continue developing AI, supporting the argument put out by some for putting AI on hold.

Governments are going to treat chatbots like ChatGPT seriously because, as we've seen with the possible TikTok ban, they will undoubtedly view them as threats.

Businesses are also paying close attention to the risks posed by AI use. Following an employee breach of private information to the AI chatbot, Samsung has prohibited its staff from utilizing ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI. Despite the fact that Samsung has prohibited internal ChatGPT use, the company is still investigating generative AI. According to remarks made by Samsung officials, the Bixby voice assistant and the S-Pen may be excellent candidates for an AI update.

Despite having just created an iOS version for the well-liked chatbot, Apple has likewise followed suit and banned its workers from using ChatGPT. For their generative AI requirements, Apple even developed an internal chatbot called "Apple GPT" to eliminate the need for ChatGPT.

AI is also receiving the ban hammer from Valve, the firm that created the well-known PC gaming platform Steam. Not because Valve is against AI, but rather because it is preventing material created by the AI from appearing on Steam. Instead, the business appears to be "working through how to integrate it into [its] already-existing review policies" in an attempt to avoid any legal difficulties. Thus, if it can be demonstrated that AI-generated material does not infringe upon copyright or result in other problems, it may ultimately find its way into Steam.


People are beginning to develop AI techniques to identify ChatGPT or related AI models in written content as ChatGPT appears in more and more literary works.

One such tool is GPTZero, which was developed by Edward Tian, a student at Princeton University. NPR claims that GPTZero measures text complexity using "burstiness" and "perplexity" ratings. There is some preliminary evidence that GPTZero is effective at identifying the use of ChatGPT since it was able to distinguish between a LinkedIn post created using ChatGPT and an article from The New Yorker.

These technologies are based on the notion that human writing is more sophisticated than text produced by other AI. All four of our staff testers were able to distinguish between reviews written by ChatGPT and those written by humans, proving that we had even tested the theory that ChatGPT would take our jobs. Even if you attempt to teach ChatGPT how you write, it may still be able to identify your style.

Not convinced by us? Charlie Brooker, the creator of the Black Mirror television series, invited ChatGPT to create an episode, and the result was "s**t." In particular, Brooker said that although the chatbot can build a believable narrative by combining elements from past Black Mirror episodes, a closer inspection reveals that the AI-generated episode is devoid of creative ideas.

Furthermore, Black Mirror is not the only program to use AI. Fable Studios, a startup, claims it won't give the capacity to generate South Park episodes since it isn't its intellectual property (IP), but it did use AI to construct a complete false episode of the show. Rather, SHOW-1, an AI tool that can compose screenplays, animate scenes, direct, perform voiceover work, and edit for you, is being released instead.

Furthermore, ChatGPT has the ability to copy without your knowledge. ChatGPT gathers data that is not regarded as common knowledge since it uses data from the internet and beyond for model training.To prevent plagiarism, you must cite everything you use in a written piece if it is not well known or if you are not the main source. You must use caution while utilizing the chatbot to prevent plagiarism, even if it may offer quotations and occasionally even trick plagiarism detectors.

This problem has put OpenAI in hot water right now. Due to their usage of data in ChatGPT, they are currently the target of a class-action lawsuit. The legal case is based on the claim that ChatGPT so accurately summed up the writings of two writers that the chatbot AI had to have been trained on them—possibly without authorization. If so, it's possible that a significant portion of ChatGPT's training was conducted without the authors' consent; however, we won't be able to tell for sure until the legal dispute is resolved.


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An official ChatGPT app exists! For an extended while, you were forced to use a web browser; however, OpenAI has now released an app that allows you to do all of ChatGPT's functions on a web browser. Also, an Android app for ChatGPT is now available. Although initially only available in the United States, the official iOS app's accessibility has grown since its release. Currently, access to the Android app needs pre-registration.

There are additional apps that use ChatGPT than the official one. My AI, which is ChatGPT integrated within the well-known messaging service Snapchat, is now available.With only a prompt or click, users can now create social network postings, summarize articles and web pages, and much more thanks to Opera's integration of ChatGPT into its online browsers. ChatGPT has been included into the Slack app as well. However, not one of these is a ChatGPT app on its own.

Additionally, be wary of apps that purport to be ChatGPT apps. Malware that may steal your money and credentials is being distributed via phony ChatGPT applications. Users are being conned out of thousands of dollars by others. Thus, you have two options if you want to utilize ChatGPT on your phone: the official iOS app or your mobile browser.

Compared to CHATGPT-4

Many individuals have been curious about the distinctions between ChatGPT and GPT-4 since the launch of GPT-4. With names like ChatGPT-3, ChatGPT-4, and now ChatGPT-5 being bandied about, the nomenclature may even be confusing. So let's start by going over the various terms.

During the majority of its existence, OpenAI has been developing the GPT model that powers ChatGPT. The company was founded in 2015. Then, in late 2022, they introduced ChatGPT, the well-known chatbot that we are all so accustomed to by today. The GPT-3.5 big language model, which was the third iteration of the GPT large language model, was the upgraded version of the GPT-3 model that drove the ChatGPT chatbot.

Therefore, whether someone refers to ChatGPT, ChatGPT-3, ChatGPT-3.5, or GPT-3.5, they are referring to the language model that powers ChatGPT or the free version of the program.

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Next, we have GPT-4, the most recent iteration of the GPT model. This model, which debuted in March 2023 and is an improved version of ChatGPT, is also sometimes called ChatGPT-4. This new approach is now only available to ChatGPT Plus users and developers that have access to the ChatGPT API (more on that later). While most users don't have direct access to ChatGPT-4, you may be utilizing it in other apps since it has enabled ChatGPT integrations in other programs, including the new Bing with ChatGPT.

What does this actually mean, though? GPT-4 is a significant advancement, to put it briefly. It can absorb information more quickly, handle longer text passages, and even interpret visuals and offer context for them. Nevertheless, there are workarounds for ChatGPT-3.5's limitations, such as use "Shogtongue," a language that ChatGPT invented to enable talks to last longer than the allotted 8,000 words.

When someone refers to GPT-4's multimodal functionality—which allows it to handle both text and images—they are referring to ChatGPT-4. Although you may build graphics and 3D models using the text code given by ChatGPT, ChatGPT-3 and ChatGPT-3.5 are limited to text-based communication.

In summary, ChatGPT (also known as ChatGPT-3) has the ability to receive text input and produce text outputs. It is run on GPT-3.5. Access to ChatGPT-4 (also known as GPT-4) is restricted to developers and ChatGPT Plus members. It is an enhanced version that is far more capable and can accept photos as inputs.


The next iteration of ChatGPT's GPT model is speculated to be called ChatGPT-5, or GPT-5. The rumor that it will be finished by December 2023 has now been refuted. OpenAI's founder, Sam Altman, stated during an MIT event that the company is not currently working on GPT-5 and "won't be for some time." No matter when it arrives, not much is known about it yet.

However, there has been some suggestion that ChatGPT-5 is capable of achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI). This suggests that it could pass the Turing test, which evaluates a computer's ability to communicate in a way that is indistinguishable from that of a person.CEO of Google DeepMind Demis Hassabis has stated that he believes human-like AI is "just a few years away."

Depending on who you ask, this may or may not be a revolutionary stride forward or a step too far. Concerning safety, a number of IT executives have urged ChatGPT and Google Bard to stop AI training. But while OpenAI doesn't appear to be planning to cease teaching ChatGPT, only time will tell if ChatGPT-5 ushers in an era in which robots take over or if it's just another really potent AI tool.


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You have heard mention of the ChatGPT API throughout this article. Developers can utilize an API, or application programming interface, to include ChatGPT into their own applications.

Numerous applications have already resulted from this, such as the Amazfit GTR4 wristwatch, which purports to include ChatGPT's AI model's capabilities into a wristwatch. There are several instances of the ChatGPT API being used, but two prominent ones are the Slack ChatGPT app and Snapchat's My AI.

That is most likely the ChatGPT API if you're using an application that includes built-in ChatGPT functionality. One thing to keep in mind is that the ChatGPT API uses GPT-4 instead of GPT-3.5, which means that apps that use the ChatGPT API may be more capable and feature-rich than those that use the ChatGPT free version.

As a last point, keep in mind that ChatGPT APIs are distinct from ChatGPT plugins. While ChatGPT plugins take other websites and integrate their functionality into ChatGPT, the API allows ChatGPT's capabilities to be accessible on other websites.

One such is the ChatGPT plugin for Expedia, which lets you ask ChatGPT to help you plan a vacation and ChatGPT will use Expedia to assist you with booking hotels and flights, among other things.

Although OpenAI has acknowledged that there could be security issues with these plugins, they are taking security measures including encrypting data. Purchases, for instance, will remain distinct from the plugin. Watch for new plugins to be added to an increasing number of your favorite websites.

See How to utilize ChatGPT Web Plugins for information on how to utilize ChatGPT plugins. Please sign up for the waiting list if you're interested in the plugins as they're not yet generally available to everyone. In the meanwhile, Microsoft Bing launched plugins with websites like OpenTable in a series of new Bing Chat enhancements, if you'd like to explore how a generative AI may use these. To test such plugins, all you need is a Microsoft account.

CHATTGPT Substitutes

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Though there are many competitors to ChatGPT, Google Bard is without a doubt the largest rival. Bard is a chatbot that works similarly to ChatGPT in that it may assist with party or vacation planning, produce material such as letters and poetry, and provide sophisticated answers to inquiries. Bard may now develop and debug code in more than 20 programming languages, including Python and C++, according to a recent update.

Nevertheless, Bard is now a stand-alone application that is not connected to Google Search, but this might change in the future. It saves a ton of time because it's already connected with other Google tools, such as Google Sheets.

Anthropic, an OpenAI competitor, is apparently receiving significant funding from Google as well. Anthropic is rumored to have received $400 million from Google. In July 2023, Anthropic released Claude 2, a rival to GPT-4.

The Google Search Generative Experience, or SGE, is another option. This version of Google Search replaces the conventional list of blue links at the top of the results page with an AI-generated answer through the integration of a generative AI chatbot. If you'd like to register for SGE access and test drive the search engines of the future—AI search engines—check out our tutorial on how to join up for Google Search Labs.

However, "Gemini," a Google AI project, may be the next big thing. The CEO of DeepMind, a division of Google, anticipates that this AI will be a multimodal model that directly challenges GPT-4. "From the beginning, Gemini was designed to be multimodal, extremely effective at integrating tools and APIs, and to pave the way for future advances like planning and memory. Even though it's early, these models already have amazing multimodal capabilities that were not present in earlier iterations.

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In addition to what Google is doing, has an AI chatbot that combines chatbot features with a multimodal search engine. Although it's not as good as ChatGPT as a search engine, it can't create or code material as well. For individuals residing in China, Baidu has its own chatbot named Ernie, and Alibaba has also introduced Tongyi Qianwen, a rival to ChatGPT.

On the more inventive side, Stability AI, the organization that created the AI picture generator Stable Diffusion, has introduced StableLM, an open-source alternative to ChatGPT. Although it isn't as trained, there is still potential to watch. For a more whimsical experience, consider using CatGPT, which is just ChatGPT with a cat-like chatbot.

If none of that piques your interest, you may always watch to see what Elon does. The CEO of Tesla and Twitter is allegedly developing his own AI chatbot via X.AI, which he established on March 9, 2023.

However, Auto-GPT, a variation of ChatGPT that leverages a Python environment to automate many of the follow-up prompts necessary to achieve the greatest result from ChatGPT, may be the most intriguing ChatGPT substitute. Although it requires some skill to operate, the efficiency it offers makes the effort worthwhile.

Watch out for Meta as well. According to a recent earnings call, the firm intends to introduce AI to billions of users on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Generative AI will most likely be included into a few of the company's products. Along with that, they produced Llama 2, a powerful LLM that was made accessible for free in collaboration with Microsoft. Meta's AI chatbots, personified by celebrities and designed to assist you with certain activities rather than anything and anything, were created using Llama 2.

Not to be outdone, Amazon has now revealed its first significant venture into generative AI aimed at consumers. During its September 2023 event, Amazon revealed a new generative AI-powered Alexa version. The updated version is meant to be more conversational and customizable to recall personal information like your favorite sports teams and other details.

Tubi is also joining the fray. When you have a concept of what you want to see but don't have a specific title in mind, Tubi's AI chatbot, Rabbit AI, may assist you in finding a movie.

We also provide text-based generative AI if that's what you prefer to ignore. If you want to use AI technology to generate movies, our guide to the top five AI video generators has five great options that we've evaluated so you can choose the one that's ideal for you.

One proposal that might soon be accepted? Runway. While Runway Gen 2's AI enables you to produce new films with simply a text prompt, its Gen 1 AI could be used to alter pre-existing video clips. We even pitted Runway Gen 2 against the top artificial intelligence (AI) synthetic video generators, which produce video clips without requiring pre-existing video footage.

Do you prefer pictures over videos? Check out the well-known AI picture generator Midjourney. Additionally, Bing's DALL-E 3 integration was rather good during our preliminary testing.

Additionally, written prompts may be used to generate new multimedia content other than only pictures and videos. MusicGen is an open-source text-to-audio AI program developed by Meta that creates original 12-second music clips using text prompts and melodies. HeyGen, an AI startup based in Los Angeles, has also developed Video Translate, an AI audio tool. This tool converts a video of you speaking in any of the following seven languages: Hindi, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Japanese.

Apple is the only corporation that may choose to avoid the AI gold rush. Though there have been suggestions that Apple may redesign Siri using generative AI as early as 2024, don't anticipate ChatGPT-like functionality anytime soon. Rather, anticipate Apple to enhance its goods through the application of machine learning in the background.


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Other than the ChatGPT substitutes mentioned above, there's "the new Bing" — that is, Bing integrated with ChatGPT.

On February 7, 2023, Bing with ChatGPT was revealed at a Microsoft event. and rather than being a ChatGPT rival, it is more akin to a search engine driven by GPT. Though it employs GPT-4 instead of GPT-3.5, it is powered by the same GPT model as ChatGPT. Additionally, Microsoft has formally discontinued its previous AI helper Cortana, suggesting that it is fully committed to Bing Chat and its other AI initiatives.

Although its promise first dazzled us, problems with the Microsoft chatbot have emerged over time. At times, we even question how ChatGPT, which breaks when demands beyond its basic functionality are made, can be the next great thing. It frequently makes unexpected mistakes when it comes to the fundamentals; nonetheless, chatbot AI is more prone to this than you may imagine.

In spite of this, Microsoft appears to be succeeding with the new Bing. According to the firm, Bing usage has increased to over 100 million daily active users in less than a month after the new version was introduced in February. It will be fascinating to observe if the number of active users rises when more ChatGPT search results appear in Bing. According to reports, Samsung is already considering switching from Google to Bing on its Galaxy phones in light of this achievement.

Originally accessible only to those on a waitlist, the GPT-powered Bing is now accessible to all users. All those who have a Microsoft account, that is. Furthermore, you're not stuck with Microsoft Edge anymore! Google Chrome users may now access Bing Chat, and some users can even access it on Safari.

Bing is currently available on a plethora of applications in addition to web browsers. Microsoft's new Bing chatbot is accessible on the Edge, Skype, and Bing applications for iOS and Android as of February 22. Additionally, Microsoft developed a new Bing Chat widget for iOS and Android and integrated Bing with ChatGPT into its SwiftKey keyboard for Android and SwiftKey for iPhone.It even added it to the Windows 11 taskbar. If you want to get rid of Bing Chat from Windows, follow our instructions on how to enable (or disable) ChatGPT on the Windows 11 taskbar.

Apart from expanding Bing's reach to as many locations as possible, Microsoft has also enhanced Bing using ChatGPT. Thanks to plugins that Microsoft added to Bing Chat, you can now book a meal directly from the chatbot. Additionally, you may ask the chatbot to launch a movie or TV show from a streaming service, which might be quite helpful for mobile users. In addition to these modifications, there are additional enhancements to the user interface, conversation histories, and other features. Please don't panic if you haven't been able to use these features yet; they are still rolling out.

Check out our guide to nine useful applications for ChatGPT with Bing. It's a fantastic tool for putting the chatbot to use for tasks at which it excels. For something lighter, see our guide to games you can play with Bing right now. We also offer instructions on how to store or export your Bing Chat replies.

Additionally, Windows 11 Copilot incorporates generative AI within the well-known operating system if you'd want generative AI enhancements into your Windows 11 experience. As of September 26, the AI assistant is accessible, and although we weren't first persuaded of its potential, up close observations have convinced us that Copilot isn't just another AI trick.


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APPLE GPT: WHAT IS IT?Like ChatGPT, Apple GPT is a generative AI chatbot. It does not, however, make advantage of the GPT-4 LLM as ChatGPT does. Rather, it is based on a framework named "Ajax," which operates on Google Cloud servers and is derived on Google's machine learning framework Jax. The GPT in Apple GPT is only a reference to ChatGPT's dominant position in the market at the moment and the parallels between the two generative AI chatbots. They have no connection to one another whatsoever.

Its functionalities are very comparable to those of ChatGPT's core features. Apple GPT can provide written summaries and provide answers depending on the information at hand. It is primarily used by Apple personnel to support prototype testing.

The truth is, you might never use Apple GPT. Currently, only Apple personnel have access to it, and they require specific authorization in order to utilize it. Even Apple GPT outputs are not allowed to be used in consumer-facing goods. However, there have been rumors that Apple will make a significant revelation about AI in 2024, and Apple GPT may eventually be a part of that bigger reveal.


ChatGPT throttles the amount of people who may use it at any given moment due to its limited capacity to execute several requests at once.

The most frequent cause of it not working is because ChatGPT will not allow you to log in if it is full. Priority access is one of the main features of ChatGPT Plus, which was previously highlighted. Despite this, some ChatGPT Plus customers have still reported receiving the error notice stating ChatGPT is full.

On the other hand, if Microsoft is successful in developing its own AI processor, ChatGPT may receive more bandwidth. It has been rumored that Microsoft has been developing an AI chip for some time, with the goal of mass producing it by 2024. If successful, these chips might significantly reduce bandwidth constraints and fuel the Azure supercomputers that drive ChatGPT.

Aside from this obstacle, ChatGPT is subject to technological malfunctions just like any other website or application. It might not function properly due to server problems, or you could find it difficult to utilize it effectively if your internet connection is unreliable.


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This is a challenging inquiry. Indeed, ChatGPT is secure in one sense. It won't install any harmful software on your device if you use it after logging into your OpenAI account.

As is the case with any online account, you should still be worried that OpenAI may have a data breach and reveal your personal information. A tiny percentage of ChatGPT Plus users were impacted by a flaw that revealed "user’s first and last name, email address, payment address, the last four digits (only) of a credit card number, and credit card expiration date." We have previously seen that happen to those people. Even while this only affected a tiny portion of users, it demonstrates that OpenAI is still vulnerable to online security threats.

Additionally, a breach occurred where malware gained access to over 100,000 ChatGPT accounts. These login details were then sold to malevolent parties on the dark web. Even though the ChatGPT website wasn't the source of the compromise, you should nonetheless take caution whenever utilizing it.

Additionally, we've discovered that ChatGPT may be disclosing personal information by logging your chat history. To restrict what ChatGPT remembers, see our tutorial on how to deactivate Chat History and Training.

In relation to bugs, OpenAI has launched its own Bug Bounty Program, encouraging users and ethical hackers to report any problems they discover in exchange for payments that might total up to $20,000.With any luck, this will make ChatGPT even more safe.

Regardless of the kind of account you have, you should be cautious about the information you enter into ChatGPT in addition to account security issues. As per the FAQs post on ChatGPT by OpenAI, ChatGPT retains your chats and OpenAI analyzes them for the purpose of training. Recently, ChatGPT had to temporarily block the function because of a problem that made the discussion records public to other users. Samsung also learned the hard way that ChatGPT keeps your data when, among other things, it used ChatGPT to improve testing for its semiconductors and unintentionally revealed its secrets to the platform many times.

You will need to permanently deactivate your whole account in order to remove your data. Simply visit this OpenAI support page and adhere to the directions to accomplish this.

Some AI experts have proposed digital health warnings for chatbot AI like ChatGPT and even Apple appears to be banning apps using the ChatGPT API over safety concerns.Apple seems to be prohibiting applications that use the ChatGPT API due to safety concerns, and some AI specialists have suggested digital health warnings for chatbot AI like ChatGPT.

Not to mention DAN, or Do Anything Now. The chatbot known as DAN is jailbroken; some have compared it to ChatGPT's evil twin. Unapproved by OpenAI, DAN is simply a ruse to get ChatGPT to reply to prompts asking it violent, disrespectful, or unethical questions by tricking it into creating a persona that circumvents its rules of service. If you use DAN, you do it at your own risk as OpenAI is always trying to prevent access to it. Malware can be created with ChatGPT even in the absence of DAN. In fact, a new dark web hacking tool developed by ChatGPT can provide malefactors total access to your Mac if you own one.The good news is that it's quite unlikely that your Mac will be targeted because this technology is very pricey. Even so, it demonstrates the potential threat of ChatGPT when the safety precautions are removed.

WormGPT is currently another dangerous ChatGPT clone. This AI chatbot was created with "no ethical boundaries" in mind and is intended only for illicit use.

Even though ChatGPT wasn't employed in this case, the risks of AI go beyond these chatbots, as evidenced by a recent fictitious kidnapping in which AI mimicked the voice of a daughter in order to ransom her mother. Thus, even if ChatGPT has no harmful material, it could be too much to say that AI is "safe" in general.


All of your ChatGPT discussions will automatically be sent to OpenAI for model improvement and AI training. You may now prevent ChatGPT from disclosing your secrets by turning on the feature similar to a search engine's Incognito mode, if you'd like additional privacy. Your discussions will be kept on ChatGPT for 30 days after you complete this easy process, but they won't be utilized to train the AI.

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