Step-by-Step Guide: Creating a Viral AI Motivation Video with Your Mobile Phone

Why make AI videos?

If you are thinking why to create AI video, the question may come to your mind, it is normal. Don't worry you will get answer to your question in no time.
In the world you have many content creators like me who usually don't like to show their voice or face in videos. There are many people who can show fear but are unwilling to show their face.

Secondly, making a video with the look of the bottom is very time-consuming, for which the video needs to be recorded first and then edited. Then go and upload it. As a fact, you can create and upload 10 to 15 AI videos in the same time it takes you to create one of your original videos.

The number 3 advantage of AI video is Viewers. Means AI motivational said AI health related videos, bro, they get a lot of viewers. And these IDs go viral very quickly. And viral means you can understand monetize and monetize then your income starts. Now bro, you tell me if there is any proof that AI video goes viral. Don't worry, I have the answer to this question. As a proof, I am giving a skinshort of my own Tik Tok account, which actually has completed 35 thousand followers through this AI in the middle of the month.

imroul official TikTok Account

And I believe you have come from my Tiktok account to read this article. And even if you have not come from Tiktok, then first follow my  Tiktok account from this link and then read this article.

So without further ado let's show you how to make AI videos like me

Fast Step How To Download AI Avatar.

Many people will say that there are many ways to make this avatar. But brother, I don't want to give you so much trouble, I will personally provide you directly the avatars that are in my collection. I know that I may have copyright issues but still I am providing these avatars to you.

Another important thing is that here I will not give any download button, you can directly throw it on the avatar for some time, then you will see the download option, if you click on the download option, the avatar will be automatically downloaded. And if not, then try Google Chrome browser, hopefully it will work.

Young Businessman

young businessman

Middle Aged Businessman

Middle aged businessman

Attitude Boy

Attitude boy 1

Attitude boy 2

Girl Monk

Girl monk

Middle-Aged Motivational Speaker

Middle-aged motivational speaker

Attitude Businessmen

Attitude Businessmen

Middle-Aged Monk

A middle-aged monk

Old Businessman

old businessman

Old Respectable Person

Old respectable person

Old Monk

The old monk

Old Doctor

old doctor

Younger Boy

younger boy

Once the download is done let's move to the next step

How To Generate AI Voice?

Friends, AI voice generation is now as simple as water, you can easily type your speech online. AI websites will automatically generate AI voice for you for free.

However, the voice generator website that I personally use is Eleven Labs.

Eleven Labs

First, open the Eleven Labs website from this Link . You can sign here if you want. You can use it without signing in.

Select your language here. You have to give the language in which the voice will be generated.

If you want to write script more than 333 words then you need to generate voice with script separately. And with an editing software they have to be converted into a long video. Since we will make short videos for TikTok, we have 333 words for now.

Here select the voice character according to your needs.

From here you can listen to your created voice

If there is any problem with your script here you can change it or if you don't like the voice character you can change it.

Download your generated voice from here

Friends by now you might have learned how to generate AI voice. And if there is any problem to do them, then please comment, I will try to reply. So let's go to the next step friends.

How To Make AI Videos?

This is the main part of this article. It must be read carefully. Otherwise, you will not understand the first part of this article.

Friends, there are many types of websites available online to generate AI videos. But the website I personally use is D ID

Friends, D ID will generate AI video for you completely free but it is not like that. However, I still recommend it because it allows you to create videos very easily and quickly. So let's show you how to create it through skinshort.

First open the D ID website from this link.

After opening, you will see an interface like this. Then you click START NOW- IT'S FREE from here.


Then an interface like this will appear in front of you. Click on your guest button from here. 

Friends, one more important thing, those of you who will do the same from mobile must turn on the desktop mode from your browser. 

To turn on the desktop mode, click on the menu on the right side of your browser and scroll, you will see an option named Desktop Site, you should turn it on.

From here click on guest option and click on login/sign up option

Then click on login/sign up option.

Enter your email address here

Friends here is a fact. After creating an account here, you will be given 20 credits for free through which you can create 5 to 6 videos in 8 to 10 minutes in 1 minute. But then you will be asked to buy credit with money. 

Don't worry guys I have the solution. What I personally do is to sign up here using a temporary email and after 20 credits log out of this account and create another account with another temporary email. Through this you can generate unlimited AI video with it.

So friends first click on this link for temporary email.

Copy the email address from here.

Friends, an email will be provided to you for 10 minutes. Copy this email. Remember that after 10 minutes this email will no longer exist. After that you will be given another new email.

So friends copy the email and paste it here.

Paste the email in the empty box

Then by clicking on this box I am not a robot, you will select what you will be asked to select from here. Friends remember here if you select something wrong but this will not happen. If you make a mistake, you will be given a few more images and select the correct one from them.

Here, select the images you are asked to select and click on verify

Friends click on your continue once verified from here

Click continue
Friends then an interface like this will appear. Enter your password here. 
Because we will use this account only once. After that, we will not need it anymore. Here, however, some things should be kept in mind while giving the password. First of all, minimum 8 digit password should be used here. And it should contain uppercase and lowercase letters and some numbers and finally some symbols like (!৥#৳%঳ু*().) Click Continue again with yours

Enter a password of 8 digits or more characters here

Then you will go back to the website from where you got the temporary email. After going here, if you go down a little, you will see that an email has been sent to you. Open that email. After opening, click on Confirm My Account. Then your email will be verified

Click on Confirm My Account here

Friends, now you have an account created in D ID. And there is little work left which I am showing you.

Here you will select for personal use

Select anything here and click next

Here you can select something as you want and get it done

Friends finally we come to the most important thing. And here is basically our real work. Friends, one thing to note here is that you have to create account again and again in the same way. 

This is our D ID interface

Friends, see who gave us 20 credits for free. With these you can make a maximum of 8 to 10 videos. After that, when the credits are over, you have to delete this account and create another account with temporary mail again.

Here you need to create another account with 00 credits

So friends click on create video from here to create video।

Click on Create Video here

Friends, there are many types of readymade avatars that you can use in your videos. And if you already have it then you can make videos with it too. And you can also use your own images if you want.

You can use it from here if you want

If you want to give avatar from gallery then click ADD here and upload your avatar from gallery here

Click here to ADD

Then click on the audio here and upload the audio you created from your eleven lab here.

Upload your audio here

Once the audio is uploaded, click on generate video from here.

Click on generate video from here.

Here you go again. Click on generate.

 Click on generate.

So friends, after clicking on generate, wait for a while and see that your video will be ready.

Click on the video from here

Then click on download from here, then you will see that your AI generated video has been downloaded

Click Download to download

Last Word

So friends, finally you will edit the video properly. You can use any video editing app like CapCut or KineMaster to edit. 

There are many other video editing apps but I personally use Capcut for video editing. So friends stay with our obsite to get more interesting articles like this and share to your friends.

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