The Future of Smart Home Technology: Samsung Ballie


At CES 2020, Samsung debuted Ballie, a rolling smart home hub. The cute robot is now making a victorious comeback at CES 2024, this time with a new integrated projector. Samsung didn't have a real Ballie roaming around CES, but the company did present a video of a home bot demonstration that illustrated the robot's evolution over time.

If Ballie is new to you, consider it a mobile smart home hub that can communicate with the rest of your system and take commands from you. It may act as a patrolling security guard, offering you a live view of your house while you're away at work or on vacation, in addition to issuing instructions to your connected devices.


Ballie's new projector is the major upgrade at CES 2024. This lets it project films onto the wall, the floor, or the ceiling according on where the spectator is positioned. In order to decide how (and where) to show its visuals, Samsung claims that Ballie can recognize your posture and face position.

In the demonstration video, Ballie could be seen projecting a film into the floor to divert a naughty puppy, projecting an abs exercise video onto the ceiling, and projecting a business conference onto a wall for a remote worker.


Ballie's price and release date were not disclosed by Samsung, although it is probably going to be high. At a whopping $1,000, you can have another house bot that acts as a security guard and connects to your smart home: the Enabot EBO X. Expect a considerably higher price tag for Ballie because it comes from a respected Samsung and has an extra projector.

We wouldn't be shocked to see it more closely resemble Amazon Astro, a $1,600 house bot that is presently only accessible by invitation.

Hopefully, Ballie will be present in person at events later this year, and the film will have a release date that isn't too far off. Samsung, along with Ballie, utilized CES 2024 to unveil significant updates to SmartThings as well as a futuristic array of AI-powered smart home appliances.

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