The Future of Wearable Tech: Garmin Lily's Impact

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  • Stylish, lightweight design
  • Best display of any Garmin lifestyle watch
  • On-board pregnancy tracking app
  • No built-in GPS
  • Incompatible with Garmin Connect IQ app store
Garmin Lily Quick Specs
Price: $199 (sport), $249 (classic)
Size: 34 mm
Battery life: 5 days
Swim-proof: Yes
Heart rate monitor: Yes
SpO2: Yes
Notifications: Yes

The sleek and compact Garmin Lily wristwatch will quickly replace the large GPS trackers that the company is most recognized for. The $199 Garmin Lily is a new product that was created with female smartwatch customers in mind. Based on my experience thus far, the company's risk is paying off.

I've loved the Garmin Lily's stylish look and barely-there feel during the days I've spent writing this review. Its patterned lens adds just the right amount of flair without obscuring the screen. This wristwatch looks the most like real jewelry out of all the fitness trackers and smartwatches I've tested recently. In comparison to the Fitbit Luxe, yes.

And it's not just aesthetics. The Garmin Lily is positioned as a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Fitbit Versa 3 rival thanks to a bounty of health and fitness features for active users. That said, the lack of on-board GPS makes Garmin's newest midrange watch impractical for outdoor sport enthusiasts. So who is this watch for?

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Review of the Garmin Lily: Cost and accessibility

It is now possible to purchase the Garmin Lily. There are two versions available: Sport and Classic. I'm trying the Garmin Lily Sport, which is $199.99; the Classic variants are $249.99.

The Sport model is most likely the best choice for you if you have an active lifestyle. It is available in three different colors and has silicone straps. Should you be seeking a smartwatch with a hint of sophistication, the Classic model's dual-tone leather bands may be more appealing.

Review of Garmin Lily: layout and appearance

The Garmin Lily is unlike any other Garmin watch that we have ever seen. It's more delicate than the formidable Garmin Instinct I worn a few months ago, with its 34-millimeter button-less casing, delicate metal accents, and tiny straps. If I were to make an in-brand comparison, the flush bezel of the model I'm trying, which is a stunning rose-gold hue, reminds me more of the Garmin Venu. Once more, though, the Lily is much smaller.

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The lifestyle watch section of Garmin hasn't impressed in the past. I was annoyed by the hybrid analog-digital display of the Garmin vivomove Luxe, another wearable designed with fashion first, anytime I tried to see my notifications outside. Furthermore, my regular exercises were hindered by the leather straps.

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The Garmin Lily appears to have attempted to address those issues with screens by offering a monochrome, responsive touchscreen that is easy to read, even in bright sunshine. Each Lily model has a different design softly etched on the glass in place of an analog overlay. The whirling semi-circles on my review unit worried me that it would be difficult to tell the time, but the design seems to disappear when the display is turned on. It's a very cool effect.

Review of Garmin Lily's health features

Review of Garmin LilyThe Lily, like many of Garmin's other watches, offers information on a number of health parameters that can be seen using the Garmin Connect app.

The Lily monitors heart rate, blood oxygen (SpO2), and provides stress and sleep tracking in addition. It also has the benefit of Garmin's Body Battery function, which lets you schedule your activity and rest based on your anticipated energy levels. characteristics of health

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The Garmin Lily provides women with the ability to track their menstrual cycle and a pregnancy tracking guide that provides expectant moms with a comprehensive health overview. One of the pre-installed apps on this wristwatch is a pregnancy monitoring app, despite the Lily's incompatibility with the Garmin Connect IQ app store.

The Garmin Lily allows activity monitoring for a variety of workouts, including aerobic, yoga, Pilates, and running. However, as Lily is one of the few Garmin watches without a GPS built in, you'll need to carry your smartphone if you want to track your whereabouts when exercising outside.

Review of the Garmin Lily: battery life

The Lily smartwatch from Garmin has a five-day battery life, which includes nighttime use for sleep tracking. I've discovered that the display settings have the greatest influence on battery life thus far. I lost almost 30% of my battery life in a single day at the maximum brightness; however, the battery drain rate decreased when I switched to auto-brightness.

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My Garmin Lily can be recharged using a clip-shaped, in-house charger when its battery is running low. Although the recommended charge time is not specified by Garmin, I was able to fully charge my evaluation device in less than two hours.

Verdict on the Garmin Lily review

The Fitbit Versa 3 and Apple Watch Series 6 cannot be replaced with the Garmin Lily. Even while I like the look, it's taking some getting used to because the display is smaller than any other smartwatch I've ever used.

Having said that, I think the $199 Garmin Lily would be a fantastic choice for someone looking for their first wristwatch or for someone with smaller wrists who wants a stylish design. Its small size won't interfere with anything else you currently have on your wrists, and it's as simple to use as it is to the eyes.

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